UV Water Disinfection Systems

Create a safer water supply at your home or business when you use the products available from PurTest®. Our company features proven methods for killing bacteria in water. Our UV water disinfection systems are available online through many home improvement stores as well as online dealers. By adding our UV water treatment systems at your location, you will do away with biological contamination without having to use harmful chlorine. Reach out to us today for more information about UV disinfection.

The Disinfection Process

How does it work? If you experience poor results on your water test, you may be tempted to use chlorine to do away with the harmful bacteria that are present. Although chlorine will work to kill existing bacteria, resulting byproducts are then produced, leaving your drinking water with additional risks.

By using UV to treat your water, you will kill bacteria and other microorganisms present without the need for chlorine. UV light inactivates the D.N.A of bacteria.

While our UV water treatment systems will help you create a safe supply, it is important to note that these products will only kill bacteria and will not remove chemicals. The ultraviolet light water treatment is not designed to improve the taste and odor of your water.

Systems for Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Applications

Whether you choose our home UV water purifier or our commercial and industrial UV water treatment systems, you can be confident knowing that your location is being treated with the top products available in the industry today. The PurTest® name is trusted by residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the country.

Contact us to choose a system for your home or business. Our products are available online through home improvement stores as well as online dealers.