Home Water Analysis Kit

Paint a clear picture of the condition of your water supply with the products available from PurTestĀ®. Our company features a range of options for customers throughout the country. By using our home water analysis kit, you can easily test for 11 different contaminants in your municipal or well water. We offer our complete water test through many home improvement stores and online dealers. Reach out to us today for more information.

Full Testing for Contaminants

Before you can treat the water supply, you must identify which contaminants are present. You then will use that knowledge to help choose the correct treatment equipment needed.

Determine the current safety level of your water by conducting a complete water test. Our PurTestĀ® Home Water Analysis allows you to check your water supply for levels of bacteria, lead, and other harmful materials. Turn to us to find a local dealer for your kit. These products offer at-home results with no delay. Each complete water test kit contains 19 individual tests, including:

  • 1 Bacteria Test
  • 1 Lead Test
  • 2 Iron Test
  • 2 Total Chlorine Test
  • 2 Hardness Test
  • 2 Copper Test
  • 2 Nitrates Test
  • 2 Nitrites Test
  • 2 pH Test
  • 2 Alkalinity Test

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