About Us

Since 1996, PurTest® has been a leading manufacturer of drinking water test kits for residential and commercial customers. The brand name PurTest® is well known and recognized within the water industry with test kits sold nationwide and in many foreign countries. You will also find PurTest® as a leader in UV Disinfection Equipment for whole house treatment of bacteria in drinking water.

Our Beginnings

American Water Service LLC created the first PurTest® product in 1996, the PurTest® Bacteria Test Kit. Additional tests were launched over the next few years in an effort to establish an extensive line of do-it-yourself home drinking water tests. Today, PurTest® offers the most complete line of comprehensive, easy-to-use and reliable consumer drinking water test kits on the market.

Additional Product Options

In addition to drinking water test kits, we also provide Ultraviolet Light Disinfection equipment for whole house treatment of bacteria in drinking water. PurTest® branded UV Systems are available ranging from 8, 12 and 20 Gallons Per Minute for residential and commercial use. Larger systems are also available including NSF units. We also are authorized distributors for Viqua (Trojan/Sterilight), Atlantic Ultraviolet, Aqua Treatment Service and other major brands of units and replacement parts.

Contact us to learn more about our product selection. Our quality tests are available online through home improvement stores and other online dealers.