Pesticide Test Kit

Pesticide Test KitScreen your water for harmful contaminants with the products available from PurTest®. Our company offers a full line of test kits for your drinking water. With our water pesticide test kit you will uncover hidden issues before they can lead to severe health risks for you and your family. Reach out to us today to scan for pesticides in water with our products.

Preventing Pesticide Contamination

In the past, groundwater was considered to be a clean and safe source of drinking water. However, studies have shown that this water supply often contains a variety of organic compounds that make it unsafe for human consumption.

As pesticides are used in gardens and on farms, the runoff can cause these chemicals to enter municipal water sources. Pesticides in water are not typically found in concentrations that are high enough to cause immediate health effects. However, over time, consuming this water can lead to increased risks of cancer, birth defects, and damage to the liver.

Protect yourself and your family by conducting a pesticide water test at your location. By uncovering issues with your water supply, you will be able to take action to remove these harmful contaminants as soon as possible.

Our Do-It-Yourself Test

Scanning your water supply does not have to cost you precious time and money. Whether you are testing for pesticides in water at your home or business, we make it easy for you to complete the process. Our DIY pesticide water test allows you to screen for dangerous levels of contaminants. This complete water test offers tests for two of the most common pesticides in the country: Atrazine-3 ppb and Simazine-4 ppb.

When you use our products for your testing needs, you will not have to wait around for an answer. Our laboratory-approved kit delivers results in just 10 minutes

Contact our company to learn more about our test kits for your drinking water supply.  Our products are available online through home improvement stores as well as online dealers.