Water Testing and Treatment Products

Trust the health of your water supply to the proven water testing and treatment products from PurTest®. Since 1996, residential, commercial, and industrial customers have turned to us for quality products. Whether you are testing for bacteria, lead, or another contaminant, we have the right test for the answers you need. Reach out to us for more information.

Individual Testing Strips

Receive immediate results when you choose our individual water test strips for your location.

Systems for Every Location

Ensure that your residential, commercial, and industrial water supply is safe from bacteria when you use our UV disinfection systems. UV disinfection is an effective method to provide bacteria free water without the use of chemicals.

Your UV Treatment Options

If your water quality testing shows the presence of harmful bacteria, it is important to treat the issue as quickly as possible. In addition to our water testing kits, we also feature UV water treatment systems to help you eliminate the risk without the use of chlorine. Learn more about our system and UV replacement parts today.

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